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LuQuLuQu is

a social movement that was created in November 2017 by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to transform public perceptions of the African refugee.

We strive to shed light on the incredible resilience refugees demonstrate. We invite you the best among us- the caring, the generous- to join the movement and lead the effort to empower our displaced brothers and sisters to reach their full potential.

The LuQuLuQu movement takes ownership of shaping the narrative of Africa’s displaced, and drives individual contributions toward supporting the refugee cause. 


Every morning, more than 24.2 million Africans wake up knowing that the roof above their head and the floor beneath their feet is not a place they can call home.

In spite of that, they thrive.
Heed the LuQuLuQu call to action! Join us to help them bloom.


Millions of Africa’s displaced- our brothers and sisters- are counting on the LuQuLuQu movement:
A social movement that actively seeks to rally the best of us as a global community speaking for inclusion of the displaced.

LuQuLuQu needs you, let’s inspire our displaced brothers and sisters to reach their full potential.  
Watch one of the 20.2 million stories

Esther Nyakong

"I am on my way to be a Neurosurgeon your help would enable me help other people in my continent in the near future & that`s the spirit of LuQuLuQu."


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The Africa we want shall be built by us, the LuQuLuQu Tribe.

Go alone go fast.
Go together achieve the goal.
How we want to do it
Take action #DoItLuQuLuQu
To #DoItLuquluqu means making LuQuLuQu central to everything you do. If there is something you need to do, you can definitely #DoItLuQuLuQu! From your work, to your art, to your shopping and your entertainment, the LuQuLuQu movement has opportunities to solicit your support in a manner that is convenient for you. Try to #DoItLuQuLuQu, it feels great to be part of the change we want to see!


Earn your bread and butter, then #DoItLuQuLuQu - share a slice with those without.

Your business no matter how small, can transform a refugee’s life.
DonateTake LuQuLuQu to Work view brands that show their supported


Live your passion #DoItLuQuLuQu Spread the cheer.

Your art, your talent, your skill can contribute to changing lives.
DonatePlay Your Part


Take it personally! #DoItLuQuLuQu on social media.

Spread the word about LuQuLuQu, the tribe needs your friends and friends of your friends.
DonateShare at LuQuLuQu


You only live once, make it count- #DoItLuQuLuQu.

Give a lifeline.
DonateLive It LuQuLuQu


Giving begets happiness

#DoItLuQuLuQu – make giving a lifestyle
DonateGive To LuQuLuQu


Take that shopping trip to the mall

Then #DoItLuQuLuQu fill your basket with generosity.
DonateShop the LuQuLuQu Way
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