Join us and #DoItLuQuLuQu

LuQuLuQu, a campaign by UNHCR, The UN Refugee agency creates a buzz on social media

From Nairobi, Kenya to Johannesburg, South Africa, the LuQuLuQu campaign experienced a surge in popularity on social media, attracting hundreds of thousands of interactions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and other mainstream media. By telling refugee stories of triumph and hope, the campaign managed to get the public to speak on matters refugees.

The LuQuLuQu campaign aims to raise awareness and change the narrative of the displaced by advocating for refugee rights and dignity. With support from high profile influences; Musicians, Actors and Actresses, TV and radio presenters, Bloggers, Models and Comedians the campaign reached a large number of online supporter.

Using the #doitluquluqu #soisluquluqu hashtags, the social movement quickly become popular on social media in South Africa and Kenya. It could have been you and me. They (refugees) are equally intelligent and had their dreams and expectations of life cut short.

LuQuLuQu aims to support refugees to live beyond survival. From the refugee stories posted by the LuQuLuQu team on social media, it is clear that the refugees are resilient enough to survive tough times; The LuQLuQu campaign now wants to support our displaced brother and sisters to live beyond survival.

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