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There were birds that did not sing; UNHCR’s LuQuLuQu campaign storytelling to create awareness for refugees.


LuQuLuQu’s high level supporter Biko Zulu tells a story of a forcibly displaced family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jackson Biko, commonly known as BikoZulu, is one of Kenya’s finest story tellers. He’s a columnist for a number of popular magazines including Saturday Nation, Business daily, Kenya Yetu, KQ’s Msafiri, True Love, Safaricom’s Option and travel Africa, a blogger and he is also a high level Influencer for the LuQuLuQu Tribe.

In this story, Biko describes the journey our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters go through to get to safety; just one of millions of untold stories of forcibly displaced families.

“There is a point where you have no fear left in you to feel. Where you have been so fearful and terrified you stop feeling it. You become hopeless. In fact, you die before they kill you. Those men took away the human in me. We had become things, objects they could use at will. We had become animals.”

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