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We’re excited to launch UNHCR LuQuLuQu Club Program. After being asked (a lot of times!) by students and youth in the region how they can get involved in the LuQuLuQu movement, we have answered the call by creation of a club program. This program is made by youth, for youth. This includes students and refugee youth. The clubs serves as a vehicle to foster greater advocacy, engagement, and fundraising to protect people forced to flee. People who are just like you and me.

We believe that students and youth within Africa have a big role to play in understanding of refugees and forcibly displaced people. By starting a UNHCR LuQuLuQu club within your school or refugee camp and engaging in the year-round activities, you will not only be a part of the movement…you will help drive it. Find out more by downloading our Starter Guide and Registration Form.

Email us at for more information.

And remember, to always #DoItLuQuLuQu!

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